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I have added it to the site to let our viewers know that Holly seems irritated that her efforts to criminally victimize men be exposed.

Holly jacobs nude

But as I said, already in Ireland violence and force have been claimed into lawful use. Big tits squirting milk. By what Seay says is that she is a nut case and will go to no end to screw men over. As a matter of fact, she did not even know the site existed or that there was any offending content that was related to her. Holly jacobs nude. I put a petition on it to gather signatures in favor of a law and a survey to collect data showing what kind of harm this causes and how widespread it is.

The New Times reported: It called for a maximum five-year sentence for the crime. This included the theft of my house. You send naked pictures to a nigger, you deserve to be publicly shamed. He even said that she was a chronic masturbator and would store videos of herself masturbating on her computer. What a stupid whore. Revenge porn is one of the latest digital violations in the expose-all era of social media. Girl real fuck. They are men in jail doing 10 to 15 years in jail because they failed to tell a women that they had a sexually transmitted disease and was still convicted when the women did not even contract the sexually transmitted disease.

Jacobs did not ask us to contact you specifically. Had I known that opening this email would send my life spiraling into a living hell, I probably would have gotten something stronger than a beer with lunch to help lighten the blow. I never imagined the kind of fury that this would ignite.

Isreal is the first country to make "cyber rape" a felony with 5 years jail time if convicted. Now Holly Jacobs is seeking revenge on all ex-boyfriends by making it a crime to post nude photos of your girlfriend on the internet. If you read through that probable cause affidavit. The claim by the young man is that Holly willingly had pornographic photos taken and then after they broke up she posted those photos to the web and accused him of doing so.

You might want to object to women supporting perjury because it damages your credibility too. So you see, what you are asking I can not do.

So I sent this response. Her photos and videos were even sent to her boss. We hope to keep it non violent in most places. Hairy nude mature pics. Only one state — New Jersey — has a revenge porn law. Holly Jacobs was betrayed by her ex muh dick. Holli Thometz is a real man-hater. I tried to do damage control on my own. In November ofI was slowly making my way to cloud nine. That skank made her bed, she should be forced to sleep it in.

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They are clearly labeled as being you. What do you think of this post? The New Times reported: You can also ignore the fact men are killing women in rapidly increasing numbers. Aishwarya rai sexy girl. We will rescind our consent to be subject to any such system for the reason that when women hold delegated authority they exhibit the behaviour of man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots.

Any advancement will be another way for Jacobs and CCRI to support victims from what was there when this all started about six years ago. We appreciate your enforcement of copyright law and support of our rights in this matter. Through the years, she has seen the triumphs and pitfalls of both industries. Two years ago, my life was pretty spectacular.

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Then the threatening emails started rolling in. It is more like you are really talking to Holli Thometz yourself. Marise Payne total response was to ban me off her facebook for posting the letter there to make sure that she saw it. I pulled legal articles from all around the world. Holly jacobs nude. Naked soccer game. Find More Posts by Blackcloud. Indeed, while she was the wife of the incumbent prime minister, Cherie Blair, another female lawyer, actually gave an award to a woman who learned how to make napalm and burned her husband to death in a cold blooded pre-meditated murder.

All times are GMT She will never get a decent man to be with after that buck stuck his filthy role of tar paper up her diseased snatch. Danielle was brilliant, and there was a tender, motherly nature about her. The ruling was passed following the bullying and subsequent suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clemente, who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge after his roommate posted inappropriate video of him and another man.

Seay for invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private facts and intentional infliction of emotional distress. You send naked pictures to a nigger, you deserve to be publicly shamed. So I sent this response. Jacobs launched a media blitz, but Seay said counsel advised him not to speak out due to the criminal charges.

He has done interviews and succeeded in getting his side of the story out there. Big tits ass gallery. But as I said, already in Ireland violence and force have been claimed into lawful use. I created new email accounts, took down all of my social media profiles, and put a post-it over my webcam. Look at the DCMA defender website it all points to Holli's End Revenge Porn website plus the fact they are acting like attorneys is a felony in most states you can't make representations or send demand letters to someone representing the copyright holder unless you are a licensed attorney or you can get charged with exhortation which is also a felony.

They know this happens. Search this Thread Advanced Search. They obviously have the power to stop the misuse of their Blogspot platform but they choose not to.

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Since women openly condone and support perjury I will take the mans word over the womans word. Butch lesbian erotica. Join Date Apr In the US Sharon Osbourne, a well known celebrity due to her famous husband Ozzie, openly laughed and made jokes about a case where a woman drugged her husband, tied him to the bed in his drugged state, then cut his penis off and put it in the garbage disposal.

We can understand the purpose of the site. Citron is advocating for Congress to amend the federal cyberstalking law to cover the use of any computer service that produces or discloses a sexually graphic image of a person without that person's permission. Page 1 of 1.

Even when one of her panelists pointed out that if the sexes were reverse no one would be laughing Sharon Osborne persisted that the whole idea of drugging a man, cutting his penis off, and putting it in the garbage disposal was totally hilarious. Milf in germany Women demanded to be admitted in to the political process but when they got there they showed us men that they are man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots who have a very high degree of in-group bias.

In the United States, important free speech protections shield Web publishers from liability for user-generated content. Right now Marise Payne acting as the Minister for Human Services in Australia is refusing to pay my unemployment benefit merely because I am male and have exposed the Australian government as a criminal cartel.

Western women are hateful of men and impolite in the extreme. Holly jacobs nude. Sadly, they sometimes kill their children too. Originally Posted by JackBootLip. Only one state — New Jersey — has a revenge porn law.


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